Expanded Cinema

Radio Alert





Unity Practice 2

Experiment with character control expressed in a music video format inspired by HBO series West World. The character's movement is controlled by user.



Unity Practice 1

Create a Roll a Ball game that counts points


A 360 video tour to Keith.

Through camera one can preserve and observe a space from different perspective.  This experiment allows me to explore places I can never go as a person using a Theta camera. For best effect use a cardboard to look and try not to look around too much to avoid feeling nauseous.  




Video Mapping, Space recreation. 

In this in class experiment I try to transform a classroom space to an magic like fairy tale scene. By using projection mapping, camera, and sound effect. Below are the material and short clips of this Space recreation.

After the projection

Before the projection


Collected material from for video projection.


Retelling a fairy tale-A text based game

Jasmine and I picked a well known fairy tale"Hansel & Gretel". We re-imagine the story through a text-based game built in Twine.

Play the Game

Research slides